Our clients come from various industry domains in a number of locations throughout Europe. Our development teams support them in reaching their business goals by contributing to their product and solution development processes. Kibit developers become an integral part of clients’ internal team and work proactively on one common mission with dedication and passion.

Based on client feedback, we know that Kibit’s development teams are professional and flexible, always eager to adapt to challenging situations, come up with ideas, and communicate openly.

ERP solution development - Hungary

We've delivered and have been continuously enhancing a tailor made enterprise management solution with the very clear goal of improving the level of process automation to gain efficiency, reduce human errors, and to provide transparent and precise daily operation.

Our team collaborates with Sarpi domain experts to improve their daily processes, supported by different workflows, tablet applications for internal logistics and laboratory examinations, as well as a client portal that improves the scheduling of in-bound logistics and contract management.

E-mobility provider - Austria

We support our client with an outsourced development team, implementing their platform that provides remote management capabilities for e-car charging stations.

Our team collaborates with Smatrics experts to establish and develop a well-manageable, modern e-car charging solution. The software solution is being continously improved with new functionalities while the existing features are being enhanced. Our developers use an agile methodology that enables Smatrics to follow the defined business priorities and generate high-quality solutions for their customers.

IT Security provider - Austria

Kibit Solutions supports RadarServices with an outsourced development team, to implement additional functionalities for their platform.

Our cooperation includes the development of business portal functionalities, as well as the implementation of security knowledge based administration methodologies.

Smart metering solution provider - Germany

Kibit Solutions supports Discovergy with an outsourced development team to implement their ordering framework. This solution automates a significant part of the ordering procedure by introducing a standard workflow, organizing the necessary engineering tasks and documentation needs and generating an offer for their clients.

Travel service provider - Austria

The solution enables the client to effectively search, advertise and offer available travel packages to travelers.

Kibit Solutions supports Restplatzbörse with frontend development expertise to speed up the implementation of their prodcuct roadmap.

Facility rental service - UK

Our client is focusing on developing and operating a platform that enables different kinds of facility providers to be connected to potential users and visitors. The solution allows different organizations (e.g. schools) to offer their facilities for different kinds of events (sports events, weddings, fairs, etc).

Kibit Solutions supports Client with a complete agile team to implement new functionalities on their roadmap.

Bike rental framework provider - Austria

Kibit Solutions supports Sycube with embedded development expertise, to improve the reliability of the bike rental service, refactor some key components and implement new functionalities.