Who we are

We are a European company offering wide-scale software development services to clients demanding high-quality and innovation. Kibit Solutions is your ultimate partner in creating software products and services for the 21st-century powered by product- and service-oriented mindset.

Digitalization and on-demand services penetrating all businesses and industries as we speak. Quick adaptation to the market and customer requirements is a must-have and separates the truly successful companies from those being left behind.

  • Bence Kiss

    Co-founder & CEO
  • Gábor Bilek

    Co-founder & COO
  • kibit barta gabor geryscale profile picture

    Gábor Barta

    Business Operations Manager
  • dr. Ágnes Jagicza

    Director, Business Development, Hungary, France
  • Satu M Palosaari

    Director, Business Development, Nordics
  • Johan Karlsson

    Director, Business Development, DACH
  • Arto Koistinen

    Business Development, Finland
  • Ian Betteridge

    Business Development, UK
  • Balázs Harris

    Business Development, Australia
  • Ádám Katona

    Talent Consultant
  • Viktória Sipőcz

    Talent Consultant
  • Eszter Vetrócki

    Office assistant
  • Dóra Farkas

    Financial Assistant
  • János Révász

    Business Development, US

Why kibit?

Experienced Senior developers

  • Quality code

  • High standards

  • End-to-end understanding of systems, problems, and solutions

  • High-quality education and team collaboration

10.000+ experts

  • Within European Union

  • Short ramp-up time

  • Value for money

  • Wide range of technologies

Long-term sustainable partnership

  • Co-founders trusted relationship

  • Flexible conditions

  • Filling the “lack of resources” gap with short- and long-term assignments

  • Cooperative, success oriented team mindset

Process & approach

Understand and listen

Your products and services, the purpose with them, the objectives, the scope and the challenges.


Technologies used, skills needed, seniority , collaboration and organization. We know how to build a successfull nearshore team.

Assign the Team

Find, select, assess the right people and organize them into a delivery team.


Concepts, strategy, architecture, options and plans for implementation and integration.


Software development sprints including design, development and testing.


For long- or short-term, a component or a whole product and solution end to end.