Need a team of nearshore experts?

Kibit Solutions provides fully functional software development teams as a service. Tailor-made teams of architects, designers, developers, testers and other functions.

10000+ experts in our network!

End to end application development

We use world leading technologies and platforms to create high-end, high-quality enterprise solutions and applications. Everything what you need as an application to run your enterprise.

40+ projects are executed

Our addition to quality results is our knowledge gained in product- and service-management.

Driven by our founders, the way we see software development starts with the understanding of what products or services will be supported and how those products or services can become mature in their market.

Software for everyone! Our company units make sure you are served the way you need , the way you want, in any kind of delivery model.

Enterprise Cloud Solutions established to serve as an end to end development and delivery unit, from the beginning of designing, throughout the development, till implementing all kinds of scalable enterprise applications based on world leading technologies, platforms and cloud services.

When you need software for hardware systems (like IoT), Embedded Software unit provides the right expertise

Expert Teams provide you the flexibility to scale up, when you need a team, a team of talented people delivering working, quality software.