Everything you need for your Embedded Software

We provide consultancy and development services in the following domains: Automotive, Aviation, IoT, Medical, Industrial and Manufacturing. We create smart-city and home automation solutions too.

Need support in developing your controller board?

  • We support the selection & design of controller modules: board+CPU+peripheral
  • We develop the necessary kernel modules/OS drivers
  • We implement the application software
  • We provide expertise in tooling, automation, optimization, safety & security analytics

Need support in creating your IoT Application?

  • We design and execute the development of IoT components: sensors, processing modules, controllers
  • We support prototyping activities in the industrial automation and home automation domains

Need support in integrating camera-based solutions?

  • We provide camera integration services
  • We implement solutions for streaming, compression, data transfer procedures
  • We provide expertise in various image/video processing use cases
  • We introduce AI