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You can essentially pick and choose who you work with. It is the timing and the choice of the client, that might be challenging. Can you trust that specific company? What about the team? How are they to work with? Do the hours match with what you can do?

With us, you can play an essential part in exciting, European projects. You can use your individual expertise your creativity and shine when working with international teams.

We combine remote and local teams, offer flexible hours and durations – in short – allow you to decide, with whom, how and for how long. You do your best, we bring our solid professionalism, which comes from dealing with large, international projects. And the compensation to match that.

Fast and fluent

“With two little children, it’s a HUGE advantage for me and my family that I can work from home. The contracting process and the start of my first project was fast and fluent because of the management team. I’m sure that after I finish a project, I can easily get into a new one even at the current customer or another one. Kibit gives me that security that a conventional workplace can’t. I recommend Kibit Solutions for those developers who consider work-life balance is really important.”


Focusing on the solutions

“We started working together at the beginning of 2020. I was excited by foreign projects and I wanted to try myself in these positions. The communication is perfect and the management is focusing on the solutions instead of unnecessary waste of time.”


The atmosphere is professional

“I’ve decided to partner up with Kibit because they seemed companionable during the job interview and they paid attention to my relationship with the client of my starter project. The communication is straightforward, smooth, and the atmosphere is professional. If you want more responsibility and a fair partnership in a good atmosphere I definitely suggest you consider contacting Kibit.”


How to know if we are a match?

We, at KIBIT, help you choose the right customer and the right project that suits you and your life.

The easiest way to start is to add your details below, submit your CV and we’ll get in touch with you soon after! This is teamwork and we want to know our team members – and you get to know us.

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